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About AtieSaz

About AtieSaz

Atiesaz is a private firm that specializes in transportation and traffic engineering. We provide all design and engineering services in urban traffic improvement, traffic safety, traffic demand management, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), public transit, etc.

Atiesaz was founded in Tehran, Iran on January 7, 2003 under the complete name of Atiesaz Shargh consultant engineers company (private joint stock). We are one of the largest and most skilled traffic consulting services in Iran. During 15 past years, we have been involved in almost all types of engineering services in transportation and traffic area; from simple traffic impact assessments (TIA) in small cities to complicated design of congestion charging zones in metropolitans. We completed hundreds traffic improvement studies with the highest engineering quality throughout the country.

We have served many cities in Iran. Although we did numerous projects in the capital city, Tehran, we have had many clients from almost all major cities of the country including Mashhad, Tabriz, Urmia, Ahwaz, Qazvin, etc.

As an international experience, we led a joint venture with CPG Consultants, a Singaporean firm, successfully to do a congestion charging zone study. We always seek international opportunities to provide our services and to form new partnerships.

We are committed to provide clients with effective solutions and quality services on which Atiesaz has built its reputation.


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