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About Atiesaz

About Atiesaz


Whatever the distance, wherever the destination: our designs lead you there. Recognized as one of Iranian top transportation engineering firms, Atiesaz (also known as Atiesaz Shargh Consultant Engineers) is a private corporation, which has been in industry for more than 15 years and has the experience of working with a variety of clients including municipal organizations as well as governmental sections and the private sector. We conduct leading-edge transportation engineering studies and designs. We are committed to excellence and provide innovative and insightful solutions for transportation engineering problems.

Successfully completed design and engineering projects through international joint-ventures across the continent, Atiesaz is passionate about making a difference in the quality of transportation in large cities as well as local communities through delivering innovative engineering solutions that improve the quality of life.

We have been involved in almost all types of design and engineering projects in transportation and traffic; from simple traffic impact assessments (TIA) in small communities to complicated design of congestion charging zones in metropolitans. We have also completed several traffic master plan (TMP) studies in large Cities. Atiesaz is also the exclusive agent of INRO Inc. in Iran. INRO is the developer of the world-famous transportation planning software, Emme, as well as Dynameq (multiscale traffic simulation software) and CityPhi (data visualization software).

We value and respect our employees, their experience and expertise as well as their energy, passion and diversity, and their innovative approach to work and to life.

We are valued and trusted by our clients and partners because of our commitment to deliver outstanding work and customer service every single day.

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مهندسین مشاور آتیه ساز شرق



AtieSaz Consultant Engineers Inc.

Traffic and Transportation Consultants, Business partner and exclusive agent of INRO Inc. specialist at traffic master plan studies, Transit Oriented Development (TOD) and traffic impact studies, Experienced in international technical co-operation

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